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We'll treat your delivery with the same care that you would treat it with yourself; if you had the time in your busy day to deliver it.

Daily Delivery

Regular Service:

Clients use this service for those 'not so urgent' packages or envelopes. It is technically 'same day service'....but here at DAILY DELIVERY, all of your packages or envelopes are delivered within a 3 hour time span. Of course, this is only a time reference offering the maximum time allotted - deliveries are made in as soon as 2 hours.....sometimes even less than that!!

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Rush Service:

Rush service provides you, the client, with the fastest service possible. When it had to be there yesterday! The service time frame allotted for rush is 1.5 hours. However, when placing your call, feel free to discuss the particulars of this individual delivery with the DAILY DELIVERY professional in our dispatch centre. If it requires 5 minute delivery...this MAY be possible!!! The average time span of a rush delivery is 30 minutes, but remember this can be customized to suit YOUR needs.

REMEMBER: You are in control of the level of service YOU receive. Providing us with the important delivery information allows us to adjust schedules and put YOU in front, where you belong!!


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